The Kfar Saba Municipality's vision is to sustain an inclusive urban feature, providing service to people with special needs, by the continuous development of services and support for optimal development and personal advancement. This is to enable the individual and his family to enjoy a quality lifestyle while constantly striving for maximum integration and meaningful community life. These special families continue to receive support from city welfare even after the children turn 21.

The way we go about this is by recognizing the individual and his family, providing constant activities suitable to their needs, while showing maximum sensitivity, love and respect for their the unique world. Our guiding principle is to listen to people and their parents, while cooperating, and providing mutual assistance and appreciation of all partners in the educational enterprise. This unit offers an array of new services for the management and expansion of community solutions for people with special needs and their families from the age of 0 to 120.

Our belief in the uniqueness of man and his inherent goodness, dictates our guidelines every day and every hour. We do all our power to promote the professional development (emotional, ethical and academic) of the education and treatment staff, in order to produce more creative and comprehensive solutions.
It is important to note that in order to maintain this we hold constant dialogue. We pool human and financial resources with all the people involved: supervision, education and the Department of Community, Welfare and Youth. There is no doubt that this is the only way we can increase the likelihood of each person to strive for the best quality of life.

Our goals are the expansion of community solutions for people with special needs and their families, the accessibility of municipal services, the expansion of informal solutions for disabled people in the city (classes, activities, mentoring), creating a community that can be inclusive for all ages. The package of services includes solutions for parents and siblings (social groups and therapy).

We believe that by exposing the child / teenager / adult to different worlds, such as sports, music, art and leadership groups, side by side with social and academic support for individuals or groups with peers, we facilitate equality, and genuine, respectful dialogue. This inclusion takes place in a wide range of facilities and activities including non-formal education and leisure, which are available in the city of Kfar Saba. We also provide professional guidance and advice, customized to fit unique needs. For example, our relevant frameworks include:
Classes, workshops and activities for youth. and leadership groups operating in the Municipal Youth Center, youth movements, cultural institutions, recreation and leisure in the city. Unique groups incorporate content such as art, computers, music and more.

Unit Coordinator: Social Worker Orly Davidi
Phone: 09-7641145
Email: [email protected] .

Togetherness Park

Story Hour

Throughout the year we provide many story hours for children with special needs.

"Biking for All - Pedaling in the Park"

The Kfar Saba Municipality together with the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, a leader in the field of diabetes, combined to create a unique program for people with special needs to cycle in the city park.
In February Ms. Shahar Tevel, Director of Human Resources at Novorisk, Daniel Harush, Vice President of the municipality, Sima Ben-Shmuel, Director of Community Resources and Volunteering in the municipality met with other representatives to create the cycling in the park project.
The project is the brainchild of volunteer Aaron Sasi whose initiative turned the idea into practice.
The project "Biking for All - Pedaling in the Park" was designed for people of 5-50 years old with special needs, who wish to ride a bike around the city park. Volunteers accompany each one  for the duration of the activity. The recently launched project is held on Tuesday afternoon, with the aim of expanding to more days a week. The club will join the fully-fledged national project "Bicycles for everyone" of the Israel Cycling Federation. Club members will enjoy national events and activities, workshops, outings and more.

The project also mobilized economic entities and community organizations. Lions, for example, donated two bicycles; Blue Square donated a bicycle; SanDisk donated two bicycles and of course thanks are due to the generous donation of Novorisk, headquartered in Kfar Saba. Also instrumental in helping the project was Eyal Hershtick from "Bicycles for all" that introduced Novorisk to the city infrastructure and Moses Gromb, founder and chairman of the "Leap to a new Road", who is a partner for the success of the project.
We are now recruiting volunteers. To register for the project or to volunteer please contact the Community Resources and Volunteering Department.
Phone: 09-7641100 / 8/7/1.